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Welcome to the Form Family

Everyone at Form Fitness has a story, goals and dreams. We invite you to get to know us, and are looking forward to getting to know you and help you unlock your potential.


We'll be with you every step of theway, and we want you to pursue your best self.

Why We Do Fitness

We started this business with a mission to help others, and that means everyone. Old, young, skinny, heavy, any gender, background, life constraint or starting point can start fast or slow and get to their goals and beyond to new ones not thought possible. Mobility, activity, cardio, fat burning, strengthening, and being generally activity have enormous health benefits. From improving cognitive performance and focus to lowering blood sugar and age related degradation. Diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more can be fought with the right plan. Bone strengthening – like jumping, running and lifting weights also has enormous benefits. Not only that, it’s fun and builds real success!


Phil Brooks

Phil is an Army veteran, a teacher, and a dedicated father. Phil is a self-made man and believes that anyone can become anything. He holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Science from Northeastern University. People that work with Phil say that he understands them and gets them to push what they think they can achieve.

Kathleen Curry

Kathleen is a mother of two who started on the path to a new self after hard setbacks and pain. It wasn’t easy, but it was her journey. And it took a while. Each step built onthe previous, and today she is in the best form of her life. Now she is a business owner, entrepreneur and passionate about helping others on their fitness journeys.

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